Smart Planning Tips for Travelling With Your Baby

Just the thought of an overseas trip with your infant can already be extremely overwhelming, especially if it is his or her first trip overseas. But your baby’s tears and tantrums can be minimized, or even avoided, with the proper planning. It can also save you from a lot of hassles along the way. Here are some smart tips when planning a trip with your baby:

  1. Make a Separate Checklist for You and Your Baby

Yes, two checklists – one for you, and one for your baby. And create this list ahead of time. If possible, days or even weeks before your trip. This is to make sure that you don’t forget anything essential, especially things for your baby.

Make sure to bring more than what you may need. You would not want to run out of extra clothes, and have to walk around overseas with a smelly baby because you underpacked for him.

  1. Never Pack the Night Before

Carelessly throwing everything in a bag the night before your trip is one of the worst mistakes a traveler can make. If you don’t underpack, chances are you will overpack.

Assuming that you made a list of the things you need ahead, rushing to cram everything in your suitcase can lead to disorganized baggage. When you’re out with an infant, it is wise to have everything within easy reach. Pack at least a couple of days before your trip so you get everything organized in your bags.

  1. Get a Lot of Sleep Before the Big Day

This is to save up energy. Lots and lots of energy. Taking care of a baby in the comfort of your own home is already exhausting, but traveling with them can be twice as tiring. Stay energized, get enough sleep, and don’t binge-watch anything the day before your trip so you’re not tired on the big day.

  1. Help Your Baby Fall Asleep

A sleepy baby is a fussy baby. But you can help your baby sleep by making them as comfortable as possible. If he has a favorite pillow, toy, or sleeping socks, never leave them at home! Bring anything that could help your baby fall asleep quickly.

If time permits, you might also want to consider training your baby to sleep in different situations. For example, let him sleep in a car seat while travelling, with the lights on, with the TV or radio on, and other scenarios. This might help to get your baby fall asleep faster on a plane or while travelling.

  1. Bring Your Baby’s Favorites

While baby’s awake, keeping him busy is definitely the trick to make him stop fussing. Bring all of his favorites with you to make him comfortable.

  1. Get the Right Insurance

If you plan on travelling with your baby, it is very important to get the right insurance. Most travel insurance companies will cover their client’s children at a certain age limit, mostly 18 years old and below. But if your insurance does not cover that, get one for your baby.

Although most travel insurance packages covers the costs for disrupted or cancelled flights, you’ll be most concerned about the medical expenses. Kids are generally more sensitive and prone to sickness than adults. In case of an emergency and your baby needs medical care while you’re overseas, travel insurance will cover that so you don’t need to worry about it.

  1. Gear Up for Ear Aches

Help minimize the effects of changes in pressure during take-off and landing on your baby. Give him something to latch on or drink before your plane takes off and lands since swallowing helps ease ear pressure.

If your baby has a cold or ear infection, you may want to consider rescheduling your flight. This will cause more pain, or even severe damage on his ear drums.

  1. Prepare for the Climate

Babies are sensitive to extreme hot and cold weather. They can get fussy when they feel too warm or too cold. In the plane, put your baby in an outfit that is not too warm, but also bring a cardigan in case it gets a little colder.

Always check the climate and weather of your destination. Will it be sunny? Rainy? Cold? This will help you pack appropriate clothing and other things for you and your baby.

  1. Visit Your Baby’s Pediatrician

Get your baby checked by his pediatrician before heading abroad, or even on long domestic trips. This is to make sure that the baby is well and fit enough to travel. The doctor can also give health tips when you reach your destination or give your baby certain shots to avoid diseases he might get during your vacation depending on the destination.

  1. Think Positive Thoughts

This is the simplest yet most important tip to follow. Always think that your trip will go smoothly and be enjoyable. Thinking of the worst things that could happen will cause you a lot of stress before you even get there, and being stressed out can make your entire trip even more stressful.

All these moments with your baby are precious. It doesn’t matter where you’re going, it’s all about having the best time with your loved ones. And to make this trip more special, take note of these smart tips to minimize the hassles of travelling with your baby.




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